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Our Story


Welcome, I'm Tracey the new owner of Lily Bug Soy Candles. My love for candles has been around for as long as I can remember a self professed candle connoisseur it made perfect sense to carry on this lovely brand. I've been burning Lily Bug Soy Candles for years now so my excitement and love of this product shines through. Not only was I making a proactive choice to burn cleaner candles in my home, I now can make and carry on this amazing brand spreading the love of Lily Bug Soy Candles. I remember as a child mesmerized by moments and scents, which definitely grew with me into my adulthood. Ripe watermelon on a summers day, just dried laundry, fresh vegetables from the garden, rain drops hitting the hot pavement, our fresh cut christmas tree, a mug of hot cocoa, peeling a mandarin orange and freshly washed soapy dewy skin. If I could only bottle it and save it some how. How about in a candle perhaps? Now I can help evoke many memories and new ones by giving you a bouquet of high quality scents wrapped in all the wonderful properties of soy. Wow! Sounds amazing and they smell even better. One sniff and you will fall in love just like I have.

Hand poured with love by me!

Happy Burning :) 


Tracey Kunka

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